Weekly Guide on the Side: March 28, 2021


Our Newsletters are starting to look a little different. We will be putting them on our website going forward, on Sunday. This will help families locate information from past newsletters and be able to access them from any device. This will also mean that going forward we can link families directly to important information, books and products our families have found useful, and more! We hope that this change in format may assist more SMMS families!

We have crossed the spring equinox and the sun has been shining!

Two Elementary students made a device to relocate some heavy items for fort making!


April 5th-7th – School Closed- Spring Break

(Staff Development Day April 5th)

(Holiday care available April 6 and 7th)

May 3rd-7th -Teacher Appreciation Week

May 12th-14th – Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

May 31st-School Closed, Memorial Day


If your family intends on using the Holiday Care on the 6th or 7th of April please e-mail Sammie at strent@sproutingmindsny.com as soon as possible. Reminder that Holiday Care is for children in the Children’s House and Elementary Community for an additional fee on some days that the school is closed this school year.

Sprouting Minds Family Association- Helping Hands Committee

We are in the preparations for spring and summer projects on our beautiful new campus. We would love to have parents and families participate in the co-creation of this new campus. We are also looking for any ideas that children or families may be looking for on our new campus! We hope to have a concept drawing complete over the next month or so along with a project list. While we know that all ideas can not be done in one year, we are glad to know that the campus can grow with our school! strent@sproutingmindsny.com


Toddler age children are in their Sensitive Period for language and we set up our classroom to provide a rich language environment. There are plenty of books to look at and have read, colorful language cards and objects, and spoken language. Some children have demonstrated interest in language games, too, like rhyming. Together we all enjoy lessons on matching pairs of rhyming language objects this week. One child chose an object – dog, for example. The children were invited to find another object whose name rhymed with dog (we’ve been rhyming at the snack and lunch table for a while now so they are experienced with listening for rhyming pairs). While pointing to each object remaining, they were asked, “Does shell rhyme with dog? Shell-Dog, do those rhyme?” This continued until the children found the rhyming pair. In this case, dog-log. Such an exciting game for young people beginning to explore language!

Some spring painting during Wilderness Wednesday!


Spring is here and we are happy to finally begin exploring new growth. The birds have visited our new bird feeder and the trees and flowers have begun to bud and bloom. In the classroom we have new changes as well! In addition to many new “Spring works,” we also have two new friends this coming week! Children are excited to show them lessons and invite them to work together. It is wonderful to see so many Peacekeepers ready to welcome our new friends with such loving kindness.


Some cloud-watching before the snow melted earlier this month

Children in the 6-12 age range are very social people, and usually prefer to do everything with a friend or group of friends. This close proximity to a wide range of peers on a regular basis can naturally lead to challenges and learning opportunities. These social interactions are THE work of this plane of development. Our mindfulness time and grace and courtesy lessons helps to address these topics with pre-teaching, not in the heat of the moment. This week we read two stories that dealt with the difficulties that can arise with friends, such as possessiveness and exclusion. Many children participated in the discussion that followed, offering their ideas for how to deal with each situation. We will continue our work on the topic of peer relationships as we head into spring.