Sprouting Minds Montessori School FAQ

Common questions about Sprouting Minds Montessori School

Are you a religious school?

Our school is non-sectarian and is not affiliated with any church or religion. Students from a wide-range of ethnicities and religious beliefs attend our campus and we foster an environment of cultural sensitivity and mutual respect.

What are the hours of the school?

The school is open from 8:15AM-2:45PM, the times may vary for students in our half day programs depending on class.

Do you offer after school programs?

Yes, after school programs are available for our students at all levels as long as there is enough need for it to run. Please note that these programs are only available for children enrolled in our school.

Do you offer a summer camp?

We offer a full summer option for our Toddler classroom. We operate a summer day camp for Elementary and Children’s House students on various schedules. Please visit our summer page for more information.

Are students given standardized tests?

No. We value a mastery of the subjects learned, not the ability to take a standardized test. You are free to participate in your local school districts standardized tests if you are inclined to see their score.

How can parents be involved

All parents are members of our Family Association and are invited to participate in the classroom and school in a variety of ways, which are explained in the family orientation process.

Do you offer childcare during holidays?

Childcare is offered on some holidays when school is not in session. Please refer to our calendar for details.

How do you screen your employees?

All employees, teachers, assistants, administrators and staff receive a full background check through the FBI and Department of Justice.

How often are parent-teacher conferences?

Formal parent teacher conferences are held twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, at which the child’s social, emotional and academic progress is discussed in detail. Parents may also schedule a meeting with the teacher at any time throughout the year, as needed.


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