Micro-schools are a reinvention of the one-room school house of the past. It is a relatively new term in the field of education. There is more of a generalization than a clear definition for the term “micro-school”, but most would agree that the following is accurate for a micro-school:

  • The class sizes are generally small
  • Multiple ages learn together in a single classroom, and remain with the same teacher for multiple years
  • The whole school generally has less than 100 students
  • The teachers are more of a guide than a lecturer
  • Highly personalized and individualized education where families play an integral role in both the home and school

Micro-schools are often seen as being between homeschooling and traditional private or public school. A one-room school of a new era.

Micro-schools pay attention to individual student interests to guide their self-directed learning. Generally it is not a standardized system so children are not compared to one another, but rather to themselves.

Some of these points are typical in any Montessori school. Sprouting Minds however differs from some other schools, we are truly a small intimate school.

Sprouting Minds is a Micro-School

Our school has less than 50 students, with class sizes 15 students or less. We run on 3 year cycles in our classrooms so your child would stay with the same teacher for 3 years at a time.

We are a tightly knit community where there is a true joy of learning. Our classrooms are cozy, intimate and home like. There are no desks in a row. The classes gather for meetings, not lectures. The children work at their own pace, with guidance from a teacher.

  • Class sized below 15 students
  • Multi-Age classrooms
  • Individualized education
  • Self- directed education

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