Guide on the Side: August 29, 2021



August 30th – September 3rd -Mid-Summer Break, no school

September 6th -Labor Day, no school

September 14th– SMFA Meeting 7PM

Our first week of break is here. I hope those who are home are enjoying their relaxing time and those at camp are enjoying their outdoor time!

Everyone has settled into class, and we are looking forward to refreshing the classrooms during break and getting ready for school on September 7th!

We wanted to welcome Ms. Lina to our Elementary classroom as our Assistant Teacher. We are very excited to have her joining our team!

We also wanted to share our staff list again, while we can easily look up parent names if we forget, we want to be sure you can do the same! Our staff pages online will be updated soon to include all teachers and staff to put a name to a face but for now here are some names you may recognize:

  • Ms. Chell- Toddler Teacher, Assistant Head of School
  • Ms. Megan- Toddler Assistant, Extended Day Leader
  • Ms. Rachel- Children’s House Teacher
  • Ms. Claudia- Children’s House Assistant
  • Ms. Sammie- Elementary Teacher, Head of School
  • Ms. Lina- Elementary Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Heidi- Floating Teacher, Substitute Teacher
  • Mr. Chris- IT, Maintenance, Helping Hand (also Ms Sammie’s Husband)

Sprouting Minds Family Association

The Sprouting Minds Family Association (SMFA) offers many opportunities for us to come together as a community. 

The SMFA is a great way to get involved at Sprouting Minds Montessori School.  The SMFA’s role is to promote greater participation in the school community to enrich each family’s experience and to play a crucial role in enhancing communication between the parents and staff.  All parents, staff and students are welcome to participate.  

In order to fulfill its mission, the SMFA organizes, sponsors, and hosts activities that provide opportunities for parents to participate in the life of the school and benefit the school socially, culturally, and financially including appreciation of our staff.  

We will hold our first SMFA meeting September 14th at 7PM over zoom. The link is found here: 

Go enjoy your break and get some fresh air, see if you can find some Cicadas!