Guide on the Side: April 25, 2021



May 3rd-7th -Teacher Appreciation Week (parents, please check email)

May 12th-14th – Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

May 31st-School Closed, Memorial Day


We have a few select openings in all our classrooms for next school year to reach our enrollment goals. We have 2 toddler openings, 2 Full Time Children’s House openings(3-6 year olds) and 1 Full Time Elementary Opening (1st -3rd grade only). If you recommend a student and they are offered acceptance and enroll during the month of April this year, your family will receive a $250 referral discount on your last tuition payment for next school year.

We are still waiting on the company we contracted to complete our driveway turn around and finish the driveway. There have been some unexpected delays on their part. It is in the works to be completed soon- without disruption of our day to day use of the driveway.

This driveway project will help make drop off and pickup smoother. We will be making a driveway orientation video and sending it to families through email, and on transparent classroom, when the work is complete.

2021 Summer Camp

Week 1- June 28th to July 2nd

Half Day (8:00-11:30)$125
Full Day (8:00-4:00$250

Week 2- July 6th to July 9th

Half Day (8:00-11:30)$100
Full Day (8:00-4:00)$200

**Students who are on the lower levels of flexible tuition in the elementary program are eligible for reduced camp fees. See Head of School for details.

Camp Programs are available for ages 3+. Students must have attended SMMS in the quarter prior to camp to enroll. A minimum number of students are needed for program to run each camp week.

Camp sessions run on a week-by-week basis you do not need to sign up for both weeks, Children’s House students and elementary students get together for great fun! The camp sessions do not follow the school year curriculum however is wildly fun and educational in a hands-on way. 

Children must be in attendance prior to 9AM or may not attend that day.

Registration form will be sent in Transparent Classroom. Registration fees for Camp must be submitted by cash or check by June 1, 2021 along with the Transparent Classroom registration form. If form and fee are not received June 1st we can not guarantee a spot for your child.

The 2021 Summer Camp is nature themed and provides a safe and structured space for children where they can dictate their learning while becoming aware of the natural world. Children are encouraged to embrace their curiosity, appreciate the natural world and explore the landscape. Expect your child to jump, crawl, run, hide and play in this fun-filled camp experience! Our camp is mostly outdoors for the majority of the day, and includes a lot of exploration, building with natural materials and other fun activities.

Parent Teacher Conferences

May 12th, 13th and 14th are parent teacher conferences. Please keep a lookout in your email for a link to schedule your conference. They will be held on Zoom, and you should get the link when you schedule the conference.