Guide on the Side: April 18, 2021



April 22nd- Earth Day

May 3rd-7th -Teacher Appreciation Week

May 12th-14th – Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

May 31st- School Closed, Memorial Day


We have a few select openings in all our classrooms for next school year to reach our enrollment goals. We have 2 toddler openings, 2 Full Time Children’s House openings(3-6 year olds) and 1 Full Time Elementary Opening (1st -3rd grade only). If you recommend a student and they are offered acceptance and enroll during the month of April this year, your family will receive a $250 referral discount on your last tuition payment for next school year.

We are still waiting on the company we contracted to complete our driveway turn around and finish the driveway. There have been some unexpected delays on their part. It is in the works to be completed soon- without disruption of our day to day use of the driveway.

This driveway project will help make drop off and pickup smoother. We will be making a driveway orientation video and sending it to families through email, and on transparent classroom, when the work is complete.

Spring Cleaning

SMMS is always on the lookout for some household items you may not be using anymore. While doing some Spring cleaning you may be looking to get rid of some items that could be used in your child’s classroom. Some items we generally are looking for are listed below:

  • Plain Mugs, small or large
  • Small plates, bowls, and cups
  • Small spoons
  • Pots, pans, muffin tins, old cutlery
  • Old dirty Pennys (for penny polishing)
  • Trays
  • Baskets
  • Gravy boats
  • Creamer cups
  • Small pitchers
  • Tarnished metal items for polishing
  • Yarn, fabric, ribbons or any crafting supplies

If you were interested in donating some items to the school please box it up and we will take care of it! Whatever we can not use we will donate to an appropriate institution for that item. Either way your old items will find a great home for renewed life!


The weather has been finicky lately. That just means more time to work on the skills of getting our outdoor gear on and off! 


The chicks are hatching! We are now up to 8 chicks in our class. They have made their way out of the incubator and into the brooder. We can’t wait for everyone to be able to hear the cheeping while they work!


We’ve been spending the last few weeks growing some seeds indoors. Hopefully this upcoming week is the last frost and we can start planning and planting our outdoor garden!

We hope to be able to grow vegetables for our snacks, as well as snacks for our Guinea Pigs, Pancakes and Waffles!