Outdoor Time and Forest School

All Class Levels

Outdoor Time

Our school has quite an affinity with nature. On top of our regular classroom activities, we believe strongly that students learn the most about nature, the environment and the workings of the world by being in nature. Students are outside during all seasons and weather and all have outdoor time daily.

Many studies have proven the benefits of outside play in all weather conditions. The following are conditions we may not go outside: Below 0 degree wind chill, extremely high winds with wind advisory, lightning, imminent weather advisories, UV index of 9 or higher during and immediately preceding outdoor time for that class, Head of school or teacher discretion may also be used. It is the parents responsibility to provide adequate outdoor gear and clothing. If your child is too sick to play outside, they are too sick to come to school. Children who do not have proper outdoor gear or clothing habitually will be sent home with a reminder to provide adequate gear for outdoor play.

In addition to our normally scheduled outside time each classroom has a dedicated outdoor day. For that day- our students spend the entirety of their work cycle working outdoors. This outdoor work can be a variety of things and varies by age. It can be extensions of the inside work- and sometimes completely new work, new explorations and fun! In the outdoor classrooms there are limitless opportunities for children to solve problems, make plans, develop grit and find self-worth. This use of the outdoors as a classroom helps fulfill the child’s need for a nature rich environment that leads them to grow their self-esteem, independence and love of learning. With nature as a springboard, children can become citizens and stewards of the world around them.

In the winter seasons this may mean extra layers, in spring extra rain gear, and in the other seasons we will be conscious of the UV rating and adjust our outdoor location accordingly. 

Toddler Community

Tuesday in the Trees:

Some of the many things they will do outside: Nature Art, Climbing, balancing, digging, scavenger hunts and more!

Children's House

Wilderness Wednesdays

Some of the many things they will do outside: Nature Art, land and water formations, color hunts, seasons and weather work, finding symmetry or geometric shapes in nature and more. 

Elementary Community

Forest Fridays

Some of the many things they will do outside: Nature art, Shelter building much like early humans, explore the work of water and how it effects our environment, plan and develop natural gardens with native plant species, nature journaling, cooking by campfire and more!


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