Sprouting Minds Montessori School

We want children at SMMS to learn, to lead and to make a difference


I hope this digital portrait of our schools helps you to feel a bit of the personal connection with our community that I feel every day.

We are a group of inspired educators with a common vision to provide a unique educational experience for children. Our teachers, however, are just one part of the community that includes students, parents, and staff. During these formative years of your child’s life, our community provides support, friendship, and guidance in accordance with Montessori principles of respect and peace.

The last 4 years, at Sprouting Minds Montessori School has been one of the most defining experiences of my life — one that I hope to share with your child, as well. Please accept my invitation to visit SMMS to see how a community of like-minded people can create an amazing educational environment.

We look forward to meeting you and your child!


In 2016, Sammie Trent started SMMS as a school for her son. She wanted to offer her child and the children of the local community an authentic Montessori education. The doors opened officially in early 2017 servicing infancy through preschool. In 2019 SMMS added a private elementary school program. In 2020 the school moved to its current location on Mill Road. The school has a quaint, schoolhouse meets home feel. The community is close knit due to its small size, with less than 50 students it is a micro-school.

You can read about the emblem of our school and its meaning in this blog post.


Our Mission is to prepare our students socially, emotionally and academically to be fulfilled individuals who make a positive contribution to our world.

All children are naturally curious and love to learn; we support this innate drive by providing environments that meet children’s developmental needs, by creating a staff of loving and well-prepared adults and by building a community of families that actively support our mission.


We'll be happy to show you around and answer any questions